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Premburi Estate Testimonial

On my first visit to Premburi, Traidhos-Three Generation Community, there was just a beautiful empty field. Upon my return visit a few years later, I envisioned myself and my family living in a newly built home, in this tranquil, serene setting, surrounded by lush gardens, nature, comfort and style. It was so appealing I packed up my life in America and arrived here to a beautiful home at Premburi. My son had lived in Thailand for over ten years, his son was born here, this was a perfect solution to my wish to retire to a warm climate, and have my family, Three Generations of us, grow and learn and flourish in a well thought out, 'green' community. I have the chance to see my family thrive and take advantage of educational opportunities.

We enjoy the culture and beauty that is special to Northern Thailand, we live in a leafy green setting, while being close to all the amenities of Chiang Mai. International global consciousness, education and green living, brought to us courtesy of the vision and dream of Mom Tri, a man who came up with this idea, and made it happen.

Premburi offers a beautiful home, endless bird watching, nice trails to walk or ride your bike, tennis, golf, a lovely little spa on campus, fine dining, a farm where my young grandson is learning about how we are all connected to the earth and each other, global awareness, a top educational facility filled with the sight and sounds of young people, exposure to people from all over the world, and it's all outside our door.

At night the sky is filled with stars, framed in the lush surroundings of mountains, fields and nature. The symbol of the Traidhos logo is symbolic of Three Generations, grandparent, parents, children, learning with and from each other. New growth and good forward thinking that comes from ideas and examples stimulated by living in not only a beautiful home, but by also living in a learning community, with life running through families, and the family of Traidhos Community.

We are delighted to be part of a Three Generation family here at Premburi. Khob Khun Ka to everyone here at Premburi, who has been so accommodating, and made our transition effortless, and provided us with a place to set down a new root in our continuing life journey.

The Gramaglia Family

Premburi Estate Testimonial

I had decided long ago that Thailand, and in particular the Chiangmai area, would be the ideal place for the next chapter in my life. The only question was when. Two years ago I was honored to be invited by ML Tri to join the Premburi community. This was to be the first dwelling of mine not pre-owned and it was exciting to assist in the house plans, adding a few touches of my very own.

In digging underground the area for my future wine cellar, water, lots of it, was discovered in full flow. While it presented an architectural headache for ML Tri, water in Thai culture is an omen of good luck and is how I wished to perceive it.

After one year in construction my house was ready for occupation. Living this past year at Premburi has been very fulfilling, adventurous and enjoyable. It has become progressively more and more difficult to have to return to Bangkok for my work at the hospital.

The morning birds, scenic neighborhood bike rides, Prem activities/events, fresh air [except this past month], burgeoning community of friends and delicious aromas emanating from the Krapood restaurant have all helped to transform my house into a true home.

Looks like I’ll be staying in Premburi well into the future.

Dr Larry

Premburi Estate Resident Testimonial

We came from Canada, with our two children, to attend the Traidhos Three Generation Tennis Academy. Upon our arrival we first stayed in the well - appointed Traidhos Academy residences, which is planned for parents visiting their children and to join in their activities. We soon discovered Premburi conveniently adjacent to the Traidhos campus and were fortunate to secure a large 4 bedroom 5 bathroom home for our family.

Premburi with its green and global amenities of a small city, where children and parents can interact and freely enjoy the environment, suites our lifestyle. Our elegantly appointed Premburi home with its lush landscaped grounds in this secured gated community is quickly becoming our home away from home.

From the high ceilings in the great room to the oversized bedrooms with en-suites and the western styled kitchen, comfort and grace abounds. Daylight permeates through large windows in all rooms and the many sliding glass doors enables indoor / outdoor living in keeping with traditional Thai culture.

Premburi is a luxurious and innovative concept in community living, one which we are proud to participate in.

We love everything about Premburi its location, quality services, great environment, surrounded by nature, with a quality international school and sporting academies just a few minutes away. Most importantly is Mom Tri’s vision of a Green & Global community for Three-Generation families.

The Seeton family
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